Welcome to the WPL Super League! 

The WPL Super League represents the highest competitive level of soccer in the Washington Premier League (WPL).

Winners of Super League 1 advance to the US Club Soccer’s NPL national tournament finals. 


To play in the Super League, clubs must agree to hold themselves to the highest of standards on and off the pitch. 


The Super League typically consists of two divisions:

Super League 1 and Super league 2. 

Joining the Super League: The Highlights

  • Clubs that meet the standards may be invited by the Super League.
  • Clubs can also apply to join the Super League by submitting an online application for review.  
  • A one-time $250 fee is required with the application.
  • For a club to compete in the WPL Super League, at least 75% of its teams must be registered in WPL leagues.   
  • For a new club to be eligible to file a Super League application, it must have a minimum of 10 teams playing in WPL leagues. At least three of those teams must meet Super League level of play to qualify for Super League consideration. 
  • Applications will be reviewed on a regular basis by the Super League Advisory Committee.
  • Clubs will receive a decision on their "status" within 30 days from the date of their filing.
  • The WPL will announce when the Super League application portal is open for applications.

Super League Advancement: 


 Promotion & relegation will occur between Super League 1 and Super League 2.The winner of Super League 2 advances to Super League 1. The last-place Super League 1 team is relegated to Super League 2. 


 For a Classic State Premier or Classic 1 team to advance to Super League, it must meet these requirements:


  • Win Classic State Premier (or Classic 1) division 

  • Agree to a review of its club during the season. 

  • If the club fails to meet Super League standards, the Classic State Premier/Classic 1 winner will not be promoted.

League Affiliates & Partners

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