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Boys HS League

Boys HS League Overview

The Washington Premier League (WPL) offers 3 levels of play for Boys HS ages (15U-19U). They are: 

  • The WA Super League: typically consists of two divisions. Teams participating must meet the WPL's highest level of competition and club standards. Winners of Super League 1 earn a berth (and are required to attend) US Club Soccer's National Club Championships.  Teams must also agree to travel statewide and to surrounding border cities, for example Portland or Coeur d'Alene to participate in the Super League.
  • The Classic League: typically consists of multiple divisions that are regionalized for a range of premier and select teams. Winners of Classic 1 can advance to Super League 2 if their club meets Super League standards
  • The Copa League: Entry-level select soccer that caters to players moving from rec to select or to multi-sport athletes that want a more competitive soccer environment but still flexible for other sports. Typically, there are multiple levels of Copa (1, 2, 3) that are regionalized.


League Advancement 

  • Promotion and relegation takes place between every division in Boys HS leagues - from Copa 1 to Super League 2.
  • For a Classic 1 league winner to advance to Super League 2, its club must meet the Super League club standards. 

Fall and Winter League Details:

  • Fall League: late August - early November.
  • 10-game season
  • Winter League: January and February
    • six games
    • Div 1 winner earns acceptance to Surf Copa Cup qualifier
  • Team Fees:
    • Super League: $650 per team plus a $200 deposit for WA cup
    • Classic League: $420 per team
    • Copa League: $250 per team
    • Winter League: 


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